Tuesday, March 23, 2010

celebrating with the everyday display board

one of my favorite spots in my house is my Everyday Display Board which I have hanging in between our Family Room and Kitchen. This gets updated frequently and because it's magnetic, it's a cinch to do.

First you start with background paper...a large sheet of 12x12 paper works fine. Then add memorabilia and photos.

Smaller memorabilia or photos can be hung from the ribbon using mini clothespins (included).

Here are some examples of other ways I've decorated our Everyday Display Board:



Valentine's Day


the possibilities are endless! This is one of my favorite Creative Memories products and it makes an awesome gift too...for the new bride and groom, for the new baby arrival, graduation, etc.

How do you like to display your photos?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Turn off your Flash

I've been experimenting with TURNING OFF my flash this week. Part of my 2010 challenge to myself is to get out of the Auto Zone on my camera. Flash photography just blows out your image. Try turning off your flash and see what results you get.

This is Cheerleading makeup with flash:

and here is Cheer makeup without flash:

isn't that beautiful? it's what your eye sees in real life.

here is the Prince in his room with flash:

the flash blasts him with light so everything behind him is left in darkness.

here is the same room, same time, but turning my flash off:

isn't that an amazing difference? turning off the flash allowed the photo to be bathed in light from the window.

turning off the flash also allows you to sneak up on your subjects and get more candid shots like these - catching the Prince engrossed in a pile of books.