Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Scrapbook document your favorite decorations and ornaments

Recently I posted this "vintage" animated Santa on a garage sale site. 

One of the first replies:

 "I remember my Aunt had one of these Santas!" 

The commenter wasn't interested in buying it but his comment made me pause. For him that was a vivid memory and I flashed forward to future grandchildren and thought hmmm... maybe I should hang on to this little guy. He might spark some Christmas nostalgia in my own children when they return home as adults. I quickly removed him from the For Sale page, dusted him off and plugged him in his honorable spot next to the Christmas tree. 

There he sits writing his Nice List by candlelight....

This Christmas during the hustle and bustle you might want to take a few photos of your favorite decorations and ornaments to add to your Christmas scrapbook. 

If you receive some new ornaments this year, your Christmas scrapbook is the perfect place to document where the ornament came from, what year it was added to your collection and the meaningfulness of it.  I started writing down a list of our ornaments a few years ago and I update it before I pack the ornaments away.

Here are couple of my "old" favorites...

"Just Married" 1988

"Drummer Elf" 1968-ish

What part of Christmas still makes you smile like a little girl or boy?