Friday, January 27, 2012

December Daily

This is my third year of making December Daily albums.
I displayed my collection in a little tray over the holidays.

This is an album project that you leave open on your counter
all through December, with a pack of pens and adhesive nearby to
capture your daily happenings during a busy season...

I liked the flexibility and ease of having pocket pages this year...

Having a photocopier at home is convenient for color copying recipes to put in my album
Or you can scan, resize and print memorabilia to include...

I used big chunky # stickers to label each page with the date

one of my daughters started rehearsal for
an upcoming musical she'll be in
so I photocopied part of her script
and included it here (on the right-hand side):

I also include our Christmas Card and postage stamp each year:

This album had so many pages that I am going to also use it for December 2012
on the very last page I added a photo of me and a little note
 "scrapped with love by mommy"

 Happy Scrappin'

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Creative Memories Album Sale!

20% off sale ends on Thursday, Jan 26!  12x12 Album Coversets, Refill Pages, Page Protectors, Quick Kits, Storybooks, and Expandable Picfolios! Only 2 More Days!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

my 2012 scrapbook plan

scrapbook plan 2012

Do Power Layouts at home (see Week 2)

when i go to a workshop, I will Bring:

Current Project in Power Layouts Box

Tote with Tools: Pens, Adhesive, Trimmers, extra embellishments

Tote with Album, Pages, Page Protectors

Note to self: This eliminates need to bring all my paper (heavy!) to workshops
When? I commit to scrapbooking one weekday/week and one Saturday/month

What's your plan?


Friday, January 20, 2012

How to Power Layout so you can Scrapbook

2012 started with a commitment.
To scrapbook.

Last week you saw my CAR and all the STUFF I dragged over to my friend's house to sort! NOT fun (the dragging part). (see scrapbooking overwhelmed post)
Then on Saturday we went scrapbooking and it was not a good night for me.
Hated my pages...I was not even PMS-ing...just ...not feelin' it.
Plus I dragged a LOT of stuff in with me (of which I would use about 5% since I literally got 2 pages done)

My dear friend Jen (what would we do without our friends?) reminded me to Power Layout.
Yes!! I usually do that! I haven't done that since the last retreat!
Soooo friends, this week I had a major Power Layout session:

First I laid out my photos onto plastic 12x12 Guides

Looked at an Idea Book for inspiration...

Cropped my photos using the Personal Trimmer

 and using scissors cut some photos into silhouettes

Next I pulled out corresponding photo mounting paper and stickers/embellishments
to go with each page spread

Pulling paper and stickers now eliminates the need to bring ALL my stuff to a workshop

I'm not getting too detailed here - just a rough draft idea of how I'll put my pages together

After all that, it's time to stack my pages, last page on the bottom
 then keep stacking them on top of each other...

Put the whole stack into my Power Layouts Box

Secure the lid tight and keep in a horizontal position!

Now I'm ready to pack up for the workshop:
One bag with some extra themed paper/embellishments I might need
One Album, refill pages and page protectors:

And one very cute bag with my trimmers, adhesive, pens, candy, title stickers, etc...

Just look at how awesome this looks in my car!!!  Total improvement from last week!!!

How are you doing on your Chaos to Completion??  I would love to hear.

Please join me on this journey in 2012.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Creative Memories sale extended

This sale has been so popular that it crashed their system!! If you have been trying to get in on it they are extending the sale through January 16. The link has been working sporadically but you can try here: 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Creative Memories 25% off EVERYTHING Sale!!

WOWOWOWOW! I just got notice from CM that starting Wednesday Creative Memories is having a 25% off sale.  From Jan 11-15 - 5 days ONLY - they are reducing everything in their product catalog by 25% off (except digital artwork downloads).

For these 5 days, the discounts are even better than those in their Album Sale! The current Album sale (20% off all albums) will resume on Jan 16 and remain in place through Jan 26. But Jan 11-15 ALL albums and EVERYTHING will be 25% off in celebration of Creative Memories 25th Anniversary!

This is unheard of!! Tell all your friends (if you already have a Creative Memories Consultant you are working with, please shop with her).

Happy Scrappin!

Organize your Scrapbook Stuff

2011 I had 'good intentions' of getting my scrapbooks all caught up.
Afterall, my 3 girls and a prince were all in school full time (for the first time ever) ...
what was I going to do with all my time? (yah, right!)

I declare 2012 is going to be different.
My "word" for 2012 is

As in it's possible that I can scrapbook weekly and get caught up on all of the wonderful scrapbook projects I want to complete (or at least make a dent!)

My scrapbooking buddies and I decided to get together weekly at each other's houses and scrap.  When the day came, I suddenly felt
I literally had stuff everywhere of things I wanted to scrap, photos I needed to print or sort..
I could feel the old 'procrastination' start to take hold.
But no! It's 2012! And in 2012 it's

So I loaded up my car.....

Literally loaded it up with my piles...
because I knew if I didn't
then I wouldn't.

I spent my first 2012 Scrapbooking session just sorting through all my 'stuff'
on my friend's dining room table and kitchen floor (love you Jen!)

I didn't take an AFTER photo because this is a work in progress,
but if you look very closely you will see a gem that I found....
a fully-loaded Starbucks card!!!
It was buried in my 'stuff'!

Want to join me on this 2012 from Chaos to Completion journey?
I'll be posting photos weekly and together we can do this.
I would love to hear your comments and your steps COUNT!!

Happy Scrappin', DL :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

starry party invitations

Used my Creative Memories Rotary Trimmer to cut 4x6 pieces of cardstock

Then I used a Stardust Maker (currently on Sale!!) to give the edge a bit of pizazz

Attach printed invitation using Tape Runner adhesive

You can use a small tipped wet adhesive (Precision Point Adhesive) to attach the leftover 'stars' or shapes onto the white part of your invitation for a festive look!
 Very quick and easy invitation idea!