Monday, March 23, 2015

My current state of Scrapbooking

Ack!! It's not a pretty picture. My youngest daughter outgrew her dolls and no longer needs a closet "nursery"; my little Prince is too social to play in a closet so the "Lego Cave" idea flopped; that left me thinking...hmmm...that's some good storage space I've got there.

I quickly filled the top shelf with all my Thirty-One Gifts bags and business samples. Then I went around the house and gathered 

saved memorabilia, 
loose photos, 
incomplete scrapbook projects, 
and other scrapbook tools 
bags and boxes....

and filled the bottom shelf plus underneath the shelf which spilled out onto the closet floor with piles of scrapbook "to do's!"

I need a Hero!

Oh, yah....I'm that Hero: 

Where are you "at" with your photo projects?

 Are you under a pile? 

 Or Systematically tackling the photo projects one giant leap at a time?

 Or (gasp!) enjoying being all caught up?

Would you dare post a photo of your scrapbook pile(s) on my Facebook page? I would love to not feel like I'm the only one. :) 

Let's start making some progress together! One little pile at a time! 

Happy Scrappin'

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Scrapbookers are Superheroes!

Do you believe this to be true?  We have documented our family life for 25 years. I feel a bit like a Superhero each time I pull a completed album off the shelf to celebrate a birthday, clarify names/dates/places, settle disagreements (of said names/dates/places), make our family laugh (remember when.....?), tug at the heartstrings (awwww) and bring smiles to their faces. Every. Time.

How about you?  Do you feel like a Superhero?

Sunday, March 8, 2015

March Creative Memories retirement list

just a heads-up that Creative Memories will be introducing some new products in April so to make room, they are putting a few things on our While Supplies Last list:

Sand Shimmer Blossom Silver Coverset
Sand Shimmer Blossom Blue Coverset
Unwrap the Magic Fast2Fab Album
Unwrap the Magic Fast2Fab Refill Pages 
Unwrap the Magic Slide-in Pack
Robin Egg Shimmer Coverset

For those of you wondering what we will do for Christmas albums after Unwrap the Magic sells out.....I'm happy to announce that a new holiday album is coming this October! 

You can visit my affiliate website if you would like more details or to see the While Supplies Last products in detail.

Thanks and Happy Scrappin'

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Creative Memories 8x8 Albums are Back!

Due to popular demand (and an owner who Listens and Responds positively to the field with what we want - woohoo!!).....Creative Memories is bringing back 4 popular 8x8 Coversets!  


8x8 Pages are sold separately and include a pack of Page Protectors!

You can view these albums on my CM Ind. Advisor website:

The 8x8 Refill Bundles (including clear Page Protectors)
are available in the following colors:


Creative Memories is also offering a special March 2-16. We can get an 8x8 Fast2Fab album (pre-decorated themed album) for 1/2 price with the purchase of any 12x12 Fast2Fab Album:

Happy Scrappin'!

Monday, March 2, 2015

How to make a quick themed scrapbook

If you haven't tried Fast2Fabulous yet, this is your chance! With 75 photos and about 60 minutes, you'll impress your friends by getting caught up or making a spectacular gift.

There is a Fast2Fab for every occasion, and no need to 'stay inside the lines.'  Photos look great anywhere on the page. All it takes to make a gorgeous album is a Taper Runner and a pen. Fast2Fab albums come with pre-decorated pages and a set of clear Page Protectors for each page when you're done sticking your photos on. It's super easy and yet the results are stunning!

Here is a quick Before/After example by Jenny Rowan from the CM Home Office so you can see what I'm talking about:

This shows the stack of pre-decorated pages that come with your album. You can work on them loose like Jenny did, by taking them out of the album or you can leave them in the album.  

Since the pages are already pre-decorated, all you have to do is stick your photos on the page!  Easy!! And think of all the scrapbooking paper and stickers you won't have to buy.

You can put your photos directly on the 4x6 areas or you can ignore those spots and just put your photos wherever you want on the page. Either way the beautiful theme and colors of the pre-decorated page will show and enhance your photos.

There were only 2 spaces for photos on the right-hand side of this page spread but Jenny just ignored the spaces and mounted 3 photos instead - it still looks awesome! See?  You can color "inside the lines" or "outside the lines" - meaning you can tape your photos inside the lines or outside the lines and either will look great! 

Now...what if you have tons of photos from an event - go ahead fill the page up!  OR what I recommend is using Multipocket Pages along with your pre-decorated pages. You can add a pack of these to any Fast2Fab album order for just a little bit extra storage. 

 I like how they look mixed in with the Fast2Fab pages:

I've shared my Maui album before but for those who haven't seen it, here are a few more photos for how Fast2Fab works with vacations photos too:

Creative Memories is giving us a 1/2 price 8x8 Fast2Fab album with the purchase of any 12x12 Fast2Fab album for a limited time (March 2-16).  You can find these under the Ahni&Zoe category under Shopping. Let me know if you are going to try this concept! And I would love to see your results as well.  What theme are you choosing?