Thursday, April 17, 2014

How to Make a Dream Board - Step 3

How have you been doing on your Dreaming?  (How to Make a Dream Board Step 1 and Step 2).  Have you clipped your magazine photos, brainstormed on paper, written or typed on strips of paper things you want to be, do or have? Either long term or short term? Great! 

Step 3 is let's get these goals/dreams in front of you!  A Magnetic Display Board is a perfect choice for a Dream Board. The ones I use and recommend are from Ahni & Zoe and are now available in White, Brown or Black. (you can order them here!)

The White one is new from our Spring line and has a beaded edge. 

These are high quality construction, Made in U.S.A. and they come with the soft rubber feet on the back to protect your wall plus the metal hanger is already attached. And you get 4 magnets with it with the opportunity to get additional magnets if needed. 

I'm using the Black Magnetic Display Board. They all come with a background design so seriously all you have to do is just stick your photos or dream boards (a bunch of dreams taped to a large sheet of cardstock) on it with the magnets. 
I LOVE it!!!!!!! 

It's about 15"x15" (the interior is 13.5"x13.5"). NOW when I have these in front of me it really helps me FOCUS on my work and living intentionally. The above Dream Board is for some of my very short term goals related to my work. I have another Dream Board that is focused more on personal goals and dreams. 

I've been leading Dream Workshops for small groups - giving them the time and space to dream and get this project complete.  Some of my clients have also asked me to come to their office to do these. This is a great team building exercise if you are working towards a company goal or incentive. 

You can visit my Facebook page if you would like to post some photos of your Dream Boards, I would LOVE to see what you have created from this series!!! 

Dream Big!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ahni & Zoe mixing and matching pages!

I love my 2014 Album!  I started with a Fast2Fab Album (includes pre-decorated pages so all you do is tape your photos on the page)...then because I like to have more than 2-4 photos per page, I add some Slide-In Pocket Page RefillsGreat way to get my albums done quickly and enjoy the photos!! 

 I used Slide-in Packs to fill any gaps and also used them as journaling boxes when needed.

This method worked great for events where I took a lot of photos (such as a Sweet 16 birthday and an 'epic' snow storm):

When I come to an event where I don't have a lot of photos, I don't add any Slide-In Pocket Pages...I keep the pre-designed pages as is and just tape my photos onto the designated spots, add my journaling right on the page. This is soo easy and looks so awesome!! I remember one of the "fears" people had about these new albums was that "everyone's albums are going to look the same." I just don't see how that is possible because now it is the PHOTOS that are jumping off the page and not the decorations. For me that is more desirable anyway and the whole reason why we enjoy looking at our photo albums.  So for me, it's a perfect fit of fast and fabulous!! 

I can't wait to print my favorite photos from March and start on my next page!!  How about you? Have you tried the Fast2Fab albums yet?  Or the Slide-in albums?  Or have you combined them like I did?  I would love to hear and see what you've done!  You can have a convo with me over on my facebook page: 

Happy Scrappin'! (Can I still use that tag line if it's not really scrappin' anymore?  Should I say "Happy Tapin'" or "Happy Slidin'" instead?  haha!)