Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Creative Memories BONUS Nov 19-26

November 19-26 is a great time to restock your Creative Memories scrapbooking supplies or pick up a few gifts for some scrappin' friends! Here's the deal they are offering:

Spend $75, get $25 in free gifts:
  • Exclusive Happy Holidays 6x6 Cardstock (40/pk)
  • Holidazzle Epoxy Stickers
  • Snowman Mini Pocket Punch

    Spend $225, get $95 in free gifts:
  • Exclusive Happy Holidays 6x6 Cardstock (40/pk)
  • Holidazzle Epoxy Stickers
  • Snowman Mini Pocket Punch
  • Expressions of Christmas Vellum Accents
  • Gingerbread Border Maker Cartridge
  • Snowflake Mini Pocket Punch
  • Blossom Place ‘n’ Punch
  • Noel Epoxy Stickers
  • Paper Edger

  • Happy Scrappin' and have a blessed Thanksgiving!

    Sunday, November 18, 2012

    free digital download Bus Train Plane Car

    It's Freebie Friday! Did you know that every Friday Creative Memories has been offering free digital downloads? Cool! You can download these images at the Project Center. Enjoy and have a great weekend and Happy Scrappin'!

    Tuesday, November 13, 2012

    How to Recover Photos After a Disaster

    Our thoughts are with everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy. If you or anyone you know has damage to pictures or albums, check out these helpful tips on disaster recovery on Creative Memories website. Follow this link and go to Care of Photographs and the article “Recover Photos After a Disaster.”

    Family Photos Withstand the Effects of Sandy
    As we dig into the holiday season and show off our amazing albums and photo gifts, it’s events like Hurricane Sandy that help us put our mission and declaration of beliefs into focus.
    Director Cathy Miller of Pennsylvania helps us put these core beliefs into perspective with a special story from a customer who experienced Hurricane Sandy’s wrath firsthand. Cathy says, “I am sharing this story because I want to remind you that what we do is so important. Our customers don’t always have dramatic stories like this one, but I love the fact that I’m not just selling a product but am offering them a way to store special memories. Feel free to share this with your team members.”Cathy Miller

    “Eighteen years ago my parents bought a beach house we kids all enjoyed. For years it was a place where my extended family could get together. In 2009 we had a flood that destroyed the entire main floor. We rebuilt it, and, during this whole time, I was the “keeper of history.” I took the family pictures from the house and put them in albums. And then I learned about Creative Memories and transferred my family’s photos and stories to Creative Memories albums.

    “Then Hurricane Sandy hit. And it seems I have lost the house again … maybe for the final time. I have been so very sad. A family friend was able to get to the house, and I told him the ONLY things I wanted were my Creative Memories albums with the last pictures I had of my mom and dad and our beach house memories. When he got there, he found five feet of water in the house and my albums right in the middle of it. But he grabbed what he could.

    “When he brought the albums to me, I cried, thinking I lost all of my family history. The covers were soaked and swollen, yet EVERY picture survived. No damage! How can that be? The Creative Memories paper and pages soaked up the seawater and kept it from harming my family history. I have no words to use to express how thankful I am to you and Creative Memories for teaching me how to keep my family stories alive. I will never forget you, and because of you, no one will forget my family. I will be forever grateful!”
    – Patti from Colts Neck, New Jersey

    Our thoughts are with Patti and everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy. If you or anyone you know has damage to pictures or albums, check out these helpful tips on disaster recovery on our website. Follow this link and go to Care of Photographs and the article “Recover Photos After a Disaster.”

    Saturday, November 10, 2012

    free digital download doctor visit

    It's Freebie Friday! Enjoy these free digital images compliments of Creative Memories! You can access them at their project center.   

    Thursday, November 8, 2012

    2007 is DONE!!!


    Yahoo!!! Another truly completed album on my shelf!
    Today I finished journaling and adding memorabilia to our 2007 scrapbook!
    Here are some of the highlights -
    Funniest page:

    that boy could eat!!
    My favorite Simple Page Spread (just photos and journaling):


    Another favorite simple page - just photos and stickers...(a little bit of journaling)

    Favorite photo:
    Favorite memory:
    (when My Hero returned from his deployment to the Middle East)
    Another favorite photo:
    My 3 girls and a prince hung a link to a paper chain for every single day that My Hero was deployed. We wrote little messages, diary entries, etc inside of each one along with the #. By end of his deployment our downstairs entry was completely full and the paper chain was traveling all over the house! This photo shows My Hero taking it down and reading the inside of each one.
    2007 was a year of survival, homecoming, the passing of our beloved grandmother Doris, and a year of firsts: our oldest got her ears pierced, started middle school, and started competitive cheerleading. Our 'Jelly-in-the-middle' bridged from Brownies to Girl Scouts. Our youngest daughter "Sugar" started Kindergarten. And our little Prince got his daddy back. (We all did).
    Now the page protectors are on, the album is being passed around for all to enjoy, and my heart is full!

    Friday, November 2, 2012

    2004 is DONE!!

    My goal is to get "current" on all my unfinished scrapbook projects so today I am celebrating an accomplishment!!
    2004 Album is DONE!!
    This album was mostly completed but there were loose ends...pages that weren't journaled, photos that were missing, etc.
    Scrapbooking can be a pain. My bio says I "love scrapbooking" which should more accurately say: I love completed albums. I love stickers. I love putting page protectors on. But mostly scrapbooking can be a pain. I was definitely procrastinating. But I finally put the album on my pool table and then the kitchen counter as a reminder, "Hey, you! Finish me!!"  That seemed to do the trick. Just 5 minutes here....15 minutes there...over several weeks  and today it's DONE!!
    I found it interesting the two biggest journal pieces that were missing:
    1. The week we experienced a severe snow/ice storm. Our furnace went out; the roads were unaccessible to repairmen; the airports were also closed and believe it or not my parents were supposed to be flying in to watch my 3 girls while I was scheduled to fly out to for the weekend to visit my husband who was supposed to be at a Navy Conference in Hawaii!! All flights were cancelled. The airport literally shut down. And we had no heat for a week. 
    2. The passing of our beloved Uncle David (58 years old) from complications from a bone marrow transplant. It was devastating. We will always feel his loss in our family. So that was a hard one but I managed to write a little bit about it and put a page protector on that heartache today.
    There were a few photos missing from various page spreads which I mananged to locate in my Giant Box of Photos. Got those mounted and page protectors on!
    One funny memory (not funny at the time, but funny now) was found on this page spread:

    It was the time my oldest was supposed to be watching my youngest but when I found my youngest she was alone in my office and covered from head to toe with White-Out!  That stuff apparently does NOT come out very easily because we have photos from a week later and she is still covered in the stuff! Every little toenail was painted...all up her legs, her hands, on her nose and cheeks. The paper memorabilia on the right of this page spread is the note I made the "babysitter" write:
    What I will do next time I babysit:
    1. I will not let her off my sight.
    2. I will make shure that she's close by.
    3. I will not put my nose in a book.
    4. I will tell mom when I am done.
    2004 was my last year of being a mommy to 3 girls (the Prince will arrive in 2005).
    2004 was the year I fell in love with a hotel (The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs).
    2004 was the year we took a road trip to California and took the girls to Disneyland.
    2004 highlights are now in a scrapbook for us to enjoy.
    What unfinished album are you procrastinating?
    Want to get it out and do the next thing?  5 minute here...15 minutes there....
    I'm cheering for you!
    Happy Scrappin'