Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Scrapbook Project Storage

Today was a scrappy day because several Power Sort Boxes arrived! Creative Memories no longer makes one of my Very Favorite Products so I had to search high and low and across the country. Several Consultants came through for me and now I have my wonderful black boxes in which to transform my overloaded 'to scrapbook' cupboard.
This is my "before" photo:

I purged a ton of memorabilia. Some of it was from my own childhood. Do I really need to keep the first sponge painting I ever did (age 3)...I don't think so.

Both my trash can and my recycling can are completely full!
This is my "after"...I still need a few more Power Sort Boxes. I may just have to put my feelers out for more. I like the uniformity of them and also that they safely store my photos, memorabilia, even scrapbook pages and everything I need for that album project. Easy to transport to a workshop as well!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Album Progress Update!

This weekend I took my piles of laid out photos (3 years worth) and mounted them into our Christmas album. I did this during family movie night.  I didn't do any journaling or decorating. Just trimmed the photos and mounted them into the album along with memorabilia. A huge bunch of it ended up in the recyling bin. 
Without journaling and embellishment, it looks rather plain but the important thing to me is that my photos are in the album and not in a pile somewhere. Now I am setting this album in my Workshop Tote. Next time I go to a Workshop, I will bring:
 this album
 embellishments (stickers, title stickers, paper for borders)
 page protectors

It will be quick and easy to add the finishing touches. I like to save 'brainless' work for Workshops. Workshops can be distracting for me with the conversations and music. Workshops aren't a place I want to be making a lot of decisions (like...should I keep this photo? How can I get the maximum # of photos on this page? What year was this taken?). Workshops are a place where I can scribble a date and some names under the photos, add a cute sticker or border, and my favorite part - slip on the Page Protectors and call it DONE! 

How about you? How did your album progress go this week? A lot of you may have attended Celebrate! in your area (an at-large scrapbooking workshop). I try to avoid crowds during flu I did not attend (I tend to avoid crowds in general). But I heard it was a ton of fun! I also heard it may be the last one. That is so sad. I can only imagine that some resourceful women will take charge and decide to continue the tradition by taking this back from CM. Hopefully so. But if not, keep scrapbooking! Don't save it just for once/year because you are going to a large event. Make it part of your monthly homemaking...being the family photo historian.