Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Why First Day of School Pictures are so important

I recently reposted a blog post from 2009 where I shared my family tradition of taking a photo on the first day of school. Today I want to show you this side-by-side photo I stitched together using the i-Phone app "PicCollage."  I was able to stitch together a photo of the Prince from his first day of Kindergarten (pulled off of my Facebook page) and then a photo from his first day of 5th grade (right from my phone).

THIS is why I take first day of school photos...just look at the perspective! First year of elementary school vs last day of elementary school. Be still my heart!! Enough to make a grown momma cry....

first day of school traditions

Here is a blast from the past...originally posted in 2009 on a dash from Donna Lyn... 

our tradition is to take a photo of our 3 girls and a prince by the front door on the first day of school and the last day of school each school year. These photos go in our scrapbook and are a quick peek at how amazingly fast they grow. They are always so excited in these pictures: the first day of school - excited to get their schedule, see their friends....and the last day of school - excited for summer!

Blondie pointed out that she is now tall enough to have the wreath mistaken for hair extensions - oops!

but she smartly stepped aside...her last year of jr. high

Jelly-in-the-middle's first year of Jr High...

and I begged her to wear her hair down...and she did!

My Hero takes time off work each year to be there for the First Day of School....I talked to so many moms later that night asking them how their kid's first day of school was only to hear "I was at work today, by the time I got home, they didn't say much or didn't talk about it." Awww...too bad. Our 3 girls and a prince are always bursting with news about their first impressions but it's always immediately after school - a small window of time. Another tradition I have is baking chocolate chip cookies on their first day so when they get home they walk into a warm and delicious smelling home. I'm one of 'those moms'...a cookie-bakin', kitchen-table kinda mom. And yes, I'm a working mom, but I do take this day off of work. It's an important tradition...and only happens once. One year I had an amazing Leadership Trip to attend that fell right on Blondie's first day of Kindergarten. Nuh-uh...didn't go.

Sugar's first day of second grade

lots of time before the Prince hits that wreath! one more year of little guy is also growing up. chocolate chip cookies are a comfort to momma too...sweet babies spreading their wings...