Friday, May 29, 2015

Creative Memories While Supplies Last List

We are making room for some NEW products coming out so the following products will be available only While Supplies Last starting June 1, can check prices/availability on my website: 

Little Lady Fast2Fab Scrapbook Album
includes pre-decorated baby girl pages and Page Protectors

Mr. Mister Fast2Fab Scrapbook Album
includes pre-decorated baby boy pages and Page Protectors

This is a Creative Memories Bookcloth coverset only (pages sold separately)

Orchid You Not Mini (8x8) Fast2Fab Scrapbook Album
includes pre-decorated pages and Page Protectors

Dual-tip Pen in Spring Green (one side is Bold tip, one side is Fine tip)

I'm hoping this means that a NEW 12-inch+ Trimmer is coming....will let you know asap but in the meantime, this is a super handy Trimmer for smaller paper, photos and craft projects. The arm on the left swings out so you can measure both vertically and horizontally
 while you're cutting.

Sooo as much as we begged them to offer 8x8 mini albums, these have not been a very big seller. They have decided to take them out of our Core Album line and instead offer them a couple of times per year in a theme or giftable format.  

I hope this info is helpful. Thank you so much for your interest in Creative Memories. I'm so happy to be helping you find the very best for your precious memories!

Happy Scrappin'

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

Arlington cemetery- page from my Washington DC scrapbook - we arrived at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier right when the changing of the guard was taking place. The dedication, commitment & sacrifice was evident to all. 

Memorial Day or as it was known "Decoration Day" was started when the women of Mississippi honored the graves of both Confederate and Union Soldiers by covering them with flowers. People all over America were inspired by this.

On May 30, 1868, General Logan issued an order that "every post of the Grand Army of the Republic should hold suitable excercises and decorate the graves of their dead comrades with flowers." 

Now Decoration day is known as Memorial Day - where we pay tribute to the men and women who have died for our freedom. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

High School Graduation Party Photo Displays

Here are some fun ways to show off photos of the graduate...

I think every graduation party should have school portraits hung up - seeing the progression of time from adorable preschooler, growing elementary schooler, awkward middle schooler, blooming high is such fun to see it all together!

You can tape the portraits to a stand-up Display Board (tri-fold board from Office Depot), put them in a pocket-style Portrait Album, or just clip them to some pretty ribbon and string along your window like this:

I attached the ribbon with a thumbtack hidden just between the window frame and wall, then covered the thumbtacks up with some of Blondie's Cheerleading Bows in the school colors. Then I hung up her 8x10 school portraits from Preschool through Senior year using miniature white clothespins. 

These portraits were easy to find because I keep them stacked in the frame hanging on our wall with the most recent portrait on top (see previous blog posts on how to Organize School Photos).

Blondie's two school albums  (see how to make School Albumswere displayed on the photo table showcasing Preschool through 8th grade in her first album and showcasing High School in her second album.  You can also throw some memorabilia on the table such as trophies, ribbons, pompoms, her diploma, etc...

Something that I heard from several of her friends who attended..."You are so lucky! I wish I had my photos in an album" was both sad and amusing to see 18-year-olds these days looking at printed photos like they were something they remember from long, long ago...maybe having seen printed photos before in some distant memory? 

I used leftover paper scraps (scrapbookers always have a stash of scraps for useful things like this) to make labels for our dessert buffet. I love labels on buffets, don't you? I want to know what it is I am about to bite into. It is also helpful for avoiding nut-allergies, etc. when buffets are labeled.

We rolled clear plastic-ware into a large white napkin, tie with sheer black ribbon to resemble a diplomas.  We put these in a large basket outside on the BBQ buffet table. 

We also displayed this book she received on her first birthday - we had a few pens on the table and asked everyone to sign her book with advice and good wishes:

You can find some other fun ideas on my High School Graduation Party Pinterest Board.

I hope this has helped you with some photo display ideas. 

Happy Graduation and Happy Scrappin'!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Creative Memories new Spring/Summer Colors!

Just look at these bright, new, delicious colors by Creative Memories!

Spring Green
Ocean Blue

12x12 Bookcloth covers Made in the U.S.A. Pages/Page Protectors sold separately.  

Which color is your favorite?

You can fill these with plain scrapbook pages or pre-decorated Fast2Fab pages or a combo of both. We even have clear pocket pages for variety!  You can see What's New via my website link: 

 Happy Scrappin'!