Wednesday, May 26, 2010

scrapbooking collage pages

If you are tired of seeing page layouts with only one photo per page, you will probably like these ideas for maximizing your photos per page-spread.

The above page features 4 photos on top, 1 photo on bottom with a 12"x2" strip of patterened paper going across the page and underneath the photo. 

This page spread uses no photo mounting paper, just trim the photos to fit side-by-side with no borders showing.  Leave space on right-hand side of page layout for journaling the event or story.  The pages I used are Natural Scrapbook pages, I prefer these over stark White.

Here are some close-ups: wanted a close-up of the muffins?  Sorry 'bout that...

Yes, there were 4 muffins when I started my Coffee Crop today. Many of you regulars know I also serve Frappuchino's - yum! 

Back to scrappin' is an idea for a photo collage using whole sheets of 12-inch patterned paper behind your photos:


On this page spread I picked our favorite photo and enlarged it to 5x7. You may have noticed the 5x7 photo I used says "4th of July" directly on it. You can do this digitally using Storybook Creator Plus software before you print your photo, or you can use a title sticker to do this.

I just used a title sticker:

You can do this! Remember....Simple and Done is better than Fancy and Far-Behind!

Happy Scrappin',

Thursday, May 20, 2010

butterflies, dragonflies, oh my!

If you want to add a bit of whimsy to your cards, scrapbook pages and more, check out this new Butterfly Pocket Punch. It locks shut for easy storage, is easy to punch, and makes a cute gift. After you punch out the butterflies I recommend folding their wings up to give them the appearance of flight.

This new punch is just $12 plus shipping. We also have the new Dragonfly Pocket Punch that just arrived!  You can view or order them here.

Monday, May 17, 2010

scrapbooking a sports album

cheer season has come to an end. it's now time to memorialize the season by finishing the sports album scrapbook. if you're like me, you've started this album at the beginning of the season and tried to keep it going. if you're not like me, you are hating me right now. and that's ok. because i'm going to show you how to do a sports album SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL. (or SIMPLY STUNNING if you're doing you know, football pictures or something studly like that).

Donna Lyn's Sports Album Tips:

#1. you do not need to use all of your photos. in fact, please do not use all of your photos. i rarely even take photos at sporting events anymore not because it's so hard to get a decent shot from 20 feet away in a dark auditorium but because i want to watch the event, not take pictures of it.

#2. usually sporting events have a professional photographer. purchase 1-2 of your favorite shots from each event. they will look amazing in your album:

(yes, i own the copyright to this picture do NOT copy or steal or you will be sent to the Island of Perpetual Tickling). 

(don't steal that island name either - it's from Veggie Tales!)

#3. choose a color theme for your album. purchase cardstock in your team colors to enhance your photos and unify the pages throughout your album.

#4. using black pages really helps your photos to pop off the page. You don't have to use photo mounting paper behind each photo if you prefer not to. Instead just add a strip of color to the top of the page:

#5. Include ticket stubs or any other memorabilia you may have collected over the season directly onto the album pages.  If you have an empty spot, you can use a filler such a paper flowers or stickers to enhance the page.

#6.  Use a metallic pen to 'anchor' your embellishments and of course to tell the story. You can also include emails from the coach or your own child's writing to enhance the album. Don't like your hand writing? Cut and paste from schedules and programs instead. Include a letter at the end of the album to express your pride and encouragement to your sports star.

#7. Cover the pages with Page Protectors and enjoy for years and years and years to come!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

scrapping the daily

my friend recently encouraged me to take photos for one week of the daily, mundane, routine stuff that I normally wouldn't scrapbook.  'a week in the life' photos. while it can seem like a daunting task it was actually quite fun to carry my camera around for a week and record images from 2010 of a busy mom of four trying to survive in suburbia.

here's just a random selection:

yes, that is the inside of my fridge!

hair straightening is all the rage in 2010 and something I frequently do for Blondie while she is eating her breakfast.

doing laundry for My Hero

grande nonfat no whip cinnamon dolce latte

yes!! i know!! woot woot!

i haven't seen this movie yet but random ads can say a lot about this time capsule experiment.

so when you're out and about taking pictures this week remember to shoot a few of the everyday stuff you may not scrapbook but will enjoy looking at 50 years from now.

Happy Scrappin,