Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's your go-to Scrapbooking Candy?

Ok, I've decluttered and now I'm ready to tackle the next step!

But first, I'm of the belief that every good scrapbooker needs to have an inspirational candy within reach.  Most often for me it's in the form of a good dark chocolate. However, I have discovered something incredibly delicious this season:

oh yah, Hershey's Candy Corn Kisses!
are these not the cutest things? your mission is to pick your signature Fall scrapbooking candy!, you could always pick Carrot Sticks (cuz that's a fall color, I guess)

Step 3, is PICK YOUR PROJECT!  We all have tons of albums and projects we want to complete but right now, if you could have one completed album on your lap, what would it be?

If you want to join me on this journey, post a comment. Share your current favorite candy (or vegetable) and your next album project. 

RECAP:  (I am changing these from 'days' to 'steps' since we're all on our own timeline)
Step 1 Declutter
Step 2 Declutter
Step 3 Pick your project

Happy Scrappin,

Friday, September 17, 2010

Decluttering my craft room

Day 1 Results!!  Yesterday, as promised, I set the timer for 15 minutes....decluttered in total for about 20 minutes.  (click this link to see "before" pictures)

Everyone should declutter! Just look what I unearthed:

money!!  i have been looking for this check for weeks!

my dream album....are your dreams buried? mine apparently were.

my dream poster! well, if that doesn't put a value on my dreams....

Shoes??!!  Seriously? Yes!!
 and just in time...the Prince will need these for a wedding we are attending soon.

I thought this was very good friend's business card -- for Organizing!!

my 2010 album with one page started...
this will certainly come in handy as I get back into scrapbooking (ya think?)

my credenza looks really clean and clutter free now...
there's just one little problem:

a lot of stuff got moved to my desk!!

sooo Day 2 we are extending our decluttering time.

Spend 15 more minutes today decluttering (put away, give away, trash/recycle)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

how to get back into scrapbooking

this is my gorgeous scraproom and once looked like this.

before summer.

i don't know what happened but slowly things started piling up and now it looks like this:

Some of you can work in chaos but I can't. In fact, everytime I walk by this area I just sorta ignore it. I want to get back into scrapbooking but the fact is....

I'm overwhelmed.
Rather than stay 'stuck' in this funk, I thought I would turn to my blog and share my journey with you. Maybe you are in a similar situation where you are buried in your memorabilia, unprinted pictures, scrapbook supplies and good intentions.

I have preached before that just 15 minutes a day can make a huge difference in completing albums. Or some of us would rather go on a retreat and get a bunch done in one concentrated weekend.  I plan to do both.

Today I will:

Spend 15 minutes clearing the clutter in my scrapbook credenza.
I will put away, give away and throw away accordingly.

Happy Scrappin' Days are here again...(or soon to be),


Saturday, September 4, 2010

taking a break from scrapbooking

i (unintentionally) took the month off of scrapbooking. i did, however, continue experimenting with my camera's settings.  Creative Memories had their huge national convention and made some huge announcement like they are changing their logo, their image and their products...

change seems to have a deer-in-headlights affect on me. even good change. which this is.
so while i catch my breath and catch up on all the amazing changes that are coming, i wanted to share some more 'turn off your flash' picture ideas...

this is Jelly at the beach at dusk....WITH flash:

she's gorgeous, I know.  but you would not know that we were anywhere near the beach. 

this is the same pose with NO flash:

 same time of joke.  the trick for me is i need to work on the blurry image. i hold my breath and i asked her to hold her breath too. but obviously i wasn't steady. i still think it's a pretty image though.

here is a challenge...getting the Prince to hold still. i asked him to hold his breath but apparently forgot to tell him to NOT MOVE.  so while i was very still, the shutter was slowly taking in as much light as possible and i didn't know that he left the scene!

it's now my spooky ghost shot

still pretty cool though...
experimenting is fun!  lots of mistakes and you just might find a keeper: