Friday, May 23, 2014

Ahni & Zoe's first Incentive Trip!

I joined Ahni & Zoe in January of this year (their official launch) and by May was enjoying an all expense paid Incentive Trip to sunny San Antonio, Texas! I could not have done this without my enthusiastic Hostesses, Customers, and new Team Members! This was truly a dream come true! The accommodations (we each got our own room), the food, the sunshine, the friendships, it was first class all the way! 

I almost didn't make it! Terrible service from United Airlines left me stranded in Denver and missing the first night and day of our Incentive Trip! It was like being stuck in a bad dream where you are trying to get somewhere and you can't. My A&Z friends and the Home Office ladies were including me anyway - I was there on a stick! (thank you, Sue!) They even had a prayer circle for me praying that I could get on another flight (didn't happen, United overbooked Every Single Flight, grrrrr.). 

When I finally did arrive, I was able to leave all my frustrations at the airport. It is what it is. I have no idea WHY that had to happen (yes, I did have a "Why Me?" moment)...but I trusted that God is in control and His ways are higher than My ways. I truly thought that with all the problems in the world, if my biggest "problem" is that I'm a day late for an all-expense-paid Incentive Trip, then my life is pretty good!!! I mean, really? What do I have to complain about?

So here I am soaking up the sun, thinking, "I'm HERE!!"  I earned an Incentive Trip with my company!! One of only 30 ladies!! How did I get here?! And, I have to say, I really, really love the ladies who are here. We have been through so much with the restructuring of Creative Memories. We have been through even more with the co-founder leaving in February and taking teams with her to start her own division of a multi-level company (yes, we could have our own soap opera!). And yet, a remnant remains. New leadership, a commitment to

I love, love, love my Ahni & Zoe business!!
I love the albums, the display boards, the simplicity, my wonderful customers,
hostesses, team, and my fellow leaders! I think direct sales can be such an amazing way to earn money when you find the right "fit" for you and you have a product you believe in and use. 

Floating down the "lazy river" with these gals was relaxing, empowering and fun! These ladies love photos, family and making a difference in others lives. One of the gals I met, Tracy, said she never did much with Creative Memories in all her years (17) of being with the company but when Ahni & Zoe launched she decided it was "her time" - she promoted to Unit Leader within a few months and earned the Incentive Trip! We both felt the same way when we saw the simple business plan, product line and opportunity. Now we are pacing partners because her and I are both "starting over" and excited for our future with this awesome new company! 

"Every day, you are creating your beautiful life.
You are traveling in the right direction.
Believe in your heart, be bold, be strong."
- M.H. Clark

Thursday, May 22, 2014

20 Free Prints!

We are now offering high quality photo printing! All Consultants who join my team get 30% off all of their photo printing. It is a great benefit for being a Consultant for sure! It was super fast and my first batch of 144 photos are on their way to me! I can't wait to get them and put them into a Fast2Fabulous album!!  If you would like to get 20 free prints and try this, just use promo code AZ20FREE on my website:  click on the photo printing picture and you can use the code there.  If you would like to get the 30% discount, then you will want to click on Join My Team and order your Consultant Kit. That will give you wholesale buying privileges and also access to your very own Consultant website where you can be part of my team and this amazing new company!